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Armourcard Featured in Gadget Guy Tech Guide
March 5th, 2015

In an article titled “Australians build a preventative invention for your wallet” the tech guide interviewed one of the directors of Armourcard….

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A Current Affair Does A Story On Wireless Skimming
December 7th, 2014

Tracey Grimshaw & the team at A Current Affair including reporter Alison Piotrowki and technology expert Trevor Long recently ran a…

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Mythbusters banned from talking about RFID by card issuing companies
August 28th, 2014

Mythbusters Banned from airing RFID story The hit Discovery channel show Mythbusters recently wanted to air an episode about how trackable…

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Identity theft and Credit Fraud on the Rise in Australia
August 26th, 2014

Identity Theft on the rise in Australia. A recent report that has been released in Australia shows that we are NOT…

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Australians leads the world on the uptake of contact-less technology
July 30th, 2014

Contact-less technology adoption in Australia is exceeding expectations Australia has long been a testing ground for new technologies and products just…

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OFF GRID Magazine features Armourcard
July 18th, 2014

OFF GRID Magazine reviews both passive devices & Armourcard’s active superior countermeasure for protecting your RFID enabled credit cards & passports…

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Armourcard is featured in the mass media in USA
July 16th, 2014

Armourcard as seen in major news networks in the USA on electronic pickpockets Founder & CEO of Armourcard, Tyler Harris has…

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A Current Affair Report – ‘TAP n GO’ Broke
July 3rd, 2014

‘TAP & GO’ Broke – A Current Affair Report just needs a follow-up story highlighting the wireless skimming vulnerabilities surrounding these…

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5 best tips to NOT get skimmed in a Taxi
June 11th, 2014

How NOT to get skimmed in your next taxi ride! Taxi rides and being skimmed is seeming to go hand in hand…

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Identity theft is only a hug away
May 19th, 2014

When does a simple pleasure like a hug turn into a world of identity theft pain. There is a new wave…

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Interesting demographic statistics on identity theft
March 3rd, 2014

Some interesting demographic identity theft statistics: [divider style=”single” border=”small” color=”#e2e2e2″] Identity theft occurs when a criminal obtains and uses someone else’s…

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Identity Theft top consumer complaint again 2013
February 27th, 2014

And the winner for most consumer complaint in 2013  is…… (drum roll)….Identity Theft again….!   [divider style=”single” border=”small” color=”#dbdbdb”] Another year….another…

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