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Armourcard and your ePassport

Now protecting your biometric ePassport from Electronic Pickpockets is easy.

epassport_compareWith the global roll-out of ePassport, or biometric passports, it was only a matter of time before criminals hacked them using the very same technology that they use to transmit your personal data to a reader. This technology is called Radio-Frequency Identification or RFID as it is more commonly known.

The way RFID works is a RFID reader sends a signal to your ePassport’s microchip via the RFID antenna embedded in your e passport. This query (signal) tells the micro-chip to transmit the data stored on the microchip within your ePassport back to the RFID reader across open airwaves.

Now any hacker or skimmer can buy a RFID reader on ebay for under $100. They then program the reader to search for RFID enabled ePassports and gain access to the data stored within the micro chip.

Discover more about the vulnerabilities surrounding RFID technology here.

It’s big business for criminals to get your identity!

Whether it’s an organized crime syndicate or just localized hackers, the price placed on gaining an identity is high.

The cost to the victim of identity theft can be a painful and time consuming exercise to clear your name from any identity theft crime committed in your name.

At ARMOURCARD we applaud the government agencies who issue the ePassports, and knowing that RFID technology can be vulnerable, have implemented some security measures to help protect your data.

Most often they have encrypted the data held within the e passports micro chip, but if you do a quick Google search on hacking the e passport, you can read and see articles of how it has been done.

We all know that it doesn’t matter how encrypted the data is, if it is valuable then it will be decrypted, as the value for that identity on the black market is way to tempting.

dailymail_logoThere is a reference at the bottom of the page to an article from a prominent British newspaper stating that the UK ePassport was hacked within 4hrs of it being issued.

We did not want to leave our personal data to chance!

That is why we developed Armourcard.

With patent pending# Active RFID Protection Technology inside Armourcard will actively jam unwanted RFID signals trying to communicate with your ePassport. What better form of protection to jam out RFID readers! This gives the power back to you to actively protect your biometric e passport from unwanted ePickpockets.

^Daily Mail UK Hacked ePassport article
#Australian Patent: AU2013354900 | US patent 9596051 | International Patent pending

If you value your personal data being kept private then you need Armourcard


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