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Get the most advanced Active Micro Jamming Technology in your pocket

Armourcard Skimming Protection is the first company to tackle the wireless skimming of your credit cards and ePassports with its patented Active Electronic Jamming Solution. Don’t settle for inferior passive copycat card type products or shielding wallets and sleeves.

They say copying is a form of flattery, don’t be fooled by imitations.

Unlike the many copycat type products that have flooded the market since we launched in 2013, Armourcard is still the only one to offer Active Micro Jamming, we are also the only product to be FCC approved (Federal Communications Commission) we needed it because we emit a jamming signal.

So before you compare Armourcard to an inferior rip-off card type product you should ask yourself a few questions.

  1. How much do I value securing my personal information and data?

    Do I want Armourcards market leading patented Active Micro Jamming Technology produced from a company that is in security technology, or do you buy a copycat Chinese ripoff product from a  “As seen on TV” shopping type operation who is just trying to jump on the band wagon and flog a product this week with no real interest in your security and will be flogging pots and pans next week or shamwow.

Armourcard we only work in the security field that is our business.

2. Are these copycat products compliant to the FCC and CE and RCM?

If they are not then they do not electronically jam like Armourcard.

The decision is yours. Superior protection or not.

How much do you value your personal information being safe!

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    Armourcard is a credit card sized electronic protective device that emits a jamming force-field to protect your personal data from being skimmed by RFID skimming criminals.

    • Armourcard is an electronic countermeasure to help protect your personal data from being wirelessly skimmed by electronic pickpockets or high-tech hijacking of your personal data by criminals
    • Armourcard is the first product to offer an ‘Active’ electronic micro jamming solution to protecting your RFID* & NFC* enabled contactless devices like (‘Tap & Go’ credit cards and ePassports).
    • Armourcard’s patented^ technology and battery boosted power emits a jamming force-field to electronically protect your RFID enabled cards & documents like no other protective device.
    • Armourcard is a technology driven solution to this technology driven invisible crime.

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