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Get the most advanced Active Micro Jamming anti skimming Technology in your pocket

Armourcard Skimming Protection is the first company to tackle the wireless skimming of your credit cards and ePassports with its patented Active Electronic Jamming Solution. The only true active micro jammer on the market.

Armourcard complies to the FCC and CE and RCM standards

  • Description


    Armourcard is a credit card sized electronic protective device that emits a jamming force-field to protect your personal data from being skimmed by RFID skimming criminals.

    • Armourcard is an electronic countermeasure to help protect your personal data from being wirelessly skimmed by electronic pickpockets or high-tech hijacking of your personal data by criminals
    • Armourcard is the first product to offer an ‘Active’ electronic micro jamming solution to protecting your RFID* & NFC* enabled contactless devices like (‘Tap & Go’ credit cards and ePassports).
    • Armourcard’s patented^ technology and battery boosted power emits a jamming force-field to electronically protect your RFID enabled cards & documents like no other protective device.
    • Armourcard is a technology driven solution to this technology driven invisible crime.


    If you are more price conscious and want a mid-level of protection then you may be interested in our passive ArmourcardBLOCK

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      Adam Jones January 4th, 2016

      Excellent! Works perfectly, thanks!

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