What is Armourcard?

Armourcard is a credit card sized electronic protective device that emits a jamming force-field to protect your personal data from being skimmed by RFID / NFC skimming criminals.

  • Armourcard is an electronic countermeasure to help protect your personal data from being wirelessly skimmed by electronic pickpockets or high-tech hijacking of your personal data by criminals
  • Armourcard is the first product to offer an ‘Active’ electronic solution to protecting your RFID* & NFC* enabled contactless devices like (‘Tap & Go’ credit cards and ePassports).
  • Armourcard’s patented^ technology and battery boosted power emits a jamming force-field to electronically protect your RFID enabled cards & documents like no other protective device.
  • Armourcard is a technology-driven solution to this technology-driven invisible crime.

It’s time to start taking back control of protecting your personal data

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*RFID – Radio Frequency Identification & NFC – Near Field Communication
^ Australian Patent: AU2013354900 |US patent: 9596051 | International Patent pending