Is your e-passport secure?
Is your e-passport secure?
Is your e-passport secure?
Are your bank accounts protected?
Are your credit cards protected?


Your Identity

Credit Cards, Cell Phones and Passports are being targeted

Force Field

Your Phone, Wallet & Purse

“Finally, products that can protect my identity!”

Flight Number
UA 265    Seat 22A
Passenger Name

Mary Jane Sheridan
Date of Birth
Is your e-passport secure?
Account Number
32105 2902 2317
Orlando Rodriguez
Dallas, Texas
Are your bank accounts protected?
Credit Card Number
4002 7821 0088 3611 
Expiry Date
08 2019
Name on Card
David M. Anderson
Are your credit cards protected?

How Safe is
Your Identity?

Electronic pick pockets can access your phone & wallet

New Micro-jamming technology stops pick pockets cold!

armourcard protects the RFID cards in your wallet or purse by creating an electronic Force Field.

One smart card electronically protects them all.

armourcell protects your cell phone.

Secure your personal photos, messages, passwords, accounts and data!

Armourcell Phone Protection Android
Active Protection for Cell Phones
Armourcard credit card protection

Similar in size to your credit cards and fits right alongside them, armourcard actively detects and jams out electronic thieves.


We comply to the FCC, CE & RCM standards. Secure your identity today!


Only armourcard protects you with battery

Boosted Active Jamming

Unique functions that make life simple

Automatic security activation

armourcard detects when a skimmer is trying to read your wallet and immediately turns on to electronically jam the signal.

one-touch for secure shopping

When you need to use your cards for shopping or ID scanning, simply touch the finger sensitive button and jamming is temporarily deactivated.

Two year battery life!

Set and forget for up to two years protection. Test your battery anytime with a simple one-touch function. FCC, CE & RCM Compliant.

How do they steal my identity and credit card?

Watch the video to see armourcard in action…

Your questions answered – View FAQs


“I had no idea my purse was scanned…

until I noticed my bank account a week later!”

Justine – December 2015


We’ve made sure it’s affordable

Protection from criminal predators is something we all deserve.
Let’s put an end to credit card and identity theft!

Powered Active Electronic Micro Jamming Technology
FCC, CE & RCM Compliant
Online Support

USD  49.95Add to cart

Your Cell Phone


NFC Exploitation
Contactless Malicious Code Injection via NFC
Prevents Your Phone from Becoming a Sniffer

 Active Electronic Micro Jamming Technology
Online Support

USD  39.95Add to cart


“One less thing to worry about,
and that’s how it should be!”

-J. Poirrier

“What a smart and convenient device.
I love it!”

– Danny Thompson

Can you spot an Identity Thief?

Skimming and Identity theft is often an invisible crime.

Anyone passing by could scan your wallet and you would never know. armourcard detects when thieves are scanning you.
armourcard electronically jams their signal to protect your cards and identity.

Go on, get protected!

Armourcard Identity Protection

USD  49.95Add to cart

Armourcell Phone Protection

USD  39.95Add to cart

Secure your accounts. Protect your identity.
Forget the fear and get back to living!


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