Operating Instructions

Congratulations on your Armourcard purchase. You now have the most superior countermeasure to wireless skimming and electronic pickpocket crime.

To get the most out of your Armourcard please follow operating instructions in the steps in the tabs below.

It is also worth reading the other useful information on your Armourcard below the step tabs. If you have any questions or can’t find the answers in the FAQ’s please contact us.

  • STEP 1 | Register

    Please register your Armourcard with us for validation of your warranty.

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  • STEP 2 | Pre-operation

    Wipe over the GOLD skin sensitive switch

    With a damp cloth or damp thumb just lightly wipe the gold skin sensitive switch to ensure that any coating is removed (this is often left on for shipping from factory as contact protection ), then wipe moisture off the switch.

    Now place your thumb on the switch and the green LED should start to flash, indicating battery test.

    Note: the LED’s are explained below in other information area.

  • STEP 3 | Activating your Armourcard

    Your Armourcard is shipped already activated.

    Your Armourcard is in a ready state so you do not have to do anything to turn it on.

    You are good to go.

    Just place your new Armourcard in your wallet or purse along with your other ‘Tap & Go’ credit cards and your Armourcard will protect you. To understand the please place to put your Armourcard be sure to read below how to position your Armourcard to get the best results with its jamming proximity

  • STEP 4 | Working

    Understanding how your Armourcard works

    Operating your Armourcard

    The gold skin sensitive switch in the corner will only disable the jamming while your thumb is held on the gold switch area (making a connection) as soon as you take your finger off your Armourcard will either go back to standby / ready mode (ready to jam if someone tries to skim your credit cards) or if already being interrogated by a RFID readers field (whether a payment gateway or a criminal trying to skim you) then the Armourcard will be in Jam mode & you will see the Red LED flashing.

    So to break it down a little further

    1. While your thumb is on the gold skin sensitive switch (making a connection) it temporally disables the jam feature or tests the battery power if your not near a reader
    2. When your finger is not on gold switch, it will jam when a reader tries to skim your cards. So your always protected.


We are here to help, just ask and we'll get back to you ASAP.


Other Useful Information

Active Electronic Protection from High-Tech Hijacking

Armourcard offers ‘Active RFID Protection’, what that means is when Armourcard intercepts an RFID signal from an RFID reader or skimmer, Armourcard instantly powers up with its own battery boosted power source and emits a jamming force-field that electronically jams the communication link (frequency) that these credit cards and passports communicate over,  so no unwanted skimming or hijacking of you personal data is possible.

Once there is no RFID signal trying to access your data Armourcard powers down and waits in standby until the next time.

How do I place my Armourcard?

Simply place your new Armourcard in your wallet, purse or travel document holder and you’re protected.

A 3 fold wallet that has ‘Tap & Go’ cards in all folds, Armourcard’s battery boosted forcefield creates a 10cm (5cm from the front of Armourcard & 5 cm from the rear of Armourcard) electronic jamming field to protect your data.



Or see below how it can be positioned in a ladies purse.


Using your ‘Tap & Go’ RFID enabled cards

Identity Theft Protection | ARMOURCARDWe recommend that you either use the temporarily disable ARMOURCARD‘s jamming signal button first if you are wanting to use the ‘Tap & Go’ payment terminals.

Simply place you thumb or finger on the gold coloured skin sensitive switch, you will notice the green LED light starts to flash indicating that jamming* has been disabled.

Tap & Go payment terminal | Get RFID protection with ARMOURCARDOr you could simply take your ‘Tap & Go’ payment card out of your wallet and use, ensuring that it is nowhere near theARMOURCARD.

*Note: disabling the jamming only happens while you have your finger over the skin sensitive switch. If you remove your finger ‘Active jamming’ commences.

We also advise to not wave ARMOURCARD across the terminals as this could cause a terminal re-boot which could be a hassle for you trying to pay fast.

Flashing Red LED indicates jamming (this will only flash when the Armourcard detects an interrogation or RFID signal trying to communicate with your credit cards*) This means Armourcards Active Micro Jamming feature is engaged


*or any other item that uses RFID on the frequency 13.56Mhz to communicate like ePassports, hotel keys, transportation passes, citizen ID’s etc

Flashing Green LED indicates temporally disable jamming or battery test


Flashing Green & Red alternate means battery is less than 10%



The find out even more about Armourcard just head to our FAQ’s area